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73,93 € *
MSI DS502 GAMING Headset
Enhanced Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Intelligent Vibration System Smart Audio Controller Enhanced 40mm High Quality Drivers Cool LED Light Light weight & Self-adjusting Headband Design

Artikelnummer: IT0.004.624.286
Herstellernummer: S37-2100911-SV1

396,77 € *
MSI MAG CH110 Gamingstuhl, schwarz/rot
Complete steel frame support XXL seating with highly breathable molded foam Quality carbon fiber leather surface Meticulous embroidery of dragon pattern 180° fully reclinable backrest 4D Multi-Adjustable Armrests and seat Certified Class...

Artikelnummer: IT0.004.641.947
Herstellernummer: 9S6-3PA00J-002

42,07 € *
MSI Agility GD70 Gaming Mousepad XL, schwarz
Silk Gaming Fabric surface Incredible smooth user experience Extra soft and comfortable touch Extensive size for gaming gears Anti-slip nature rubber base

Artikelnummer: IT0.005.881.586
Herstellernummer: J02-VXXXXX1-EB9

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